A student who completed components of an academic degree program at an earlier date may request an exemption (EX) to take an exam for a study component from the Examination Committee AI&ES. This exemption entails that the credits are allocated but no grade is awarded. The study component for which an exemption has been granted shall not be replaced by another study component.

Exemptions are in principle only awarded for compulsory components of the program of examinations.

The Examination Committee AI&ES does not consider requests for exemptions for the graduation project.

A student who requests an exemption through the Examination Committee AI&ES must submit the following information:

  • which examination and corresponding study component the exemption applies to
  • where the study component was successfully completed elsewhere
  • including the content, learning outcomes, the stuy load (in credits) and the level of the study component
  • an official proof that the study component was completed successfully.

At the request of the Examination Committee AI&ES:

  • the student shall provide a detailed comparison between study component taken elsewhere and that of the TU/e
  • the student shall deliver the course material of the study component completed elsewhere, such as books, syllabus, etc.

The Examination Committee AI&ES shall ask for the advice of the responsible teacher for the study component for which an exemption is being requested.

The validity of an exemption granted is six years.