Curriculum Master's degree program for HBO Bachelors

Master's degree program for HBO Bachelors

After completion of the pre-Master’s program, the student is admitted to the Master's program for HBO Bachelors.

Check the step-by-step plan for internal progress to a Master’s degree program for pre-Master's students.

The Master’s program for HBO Bachelors officially starts in September, but it is possible to register for master courses in the fourth quarter, see below.

The program contains the same elements as the regular Master's program of Electrical Engineering except for: 

  • an internship of 10 credits (instead of 15) 
  • 20 credits of electives (instead of 30) 
  • 3 deficiency resolving courses (homologation courses, in total 15 credits) 

The Master's program Electrical Engineering for HBO Bachelors is:

1st year Core courses 15
  Specialization path 10
  Elective courses 20
  Homologation courses 15
2nd year Professional development 5
  Internship 10
  Graduation project 45

Homologation courses






DSP fundamentals (Signals II)




Electromagnetics I




Electronic circuits 2



Please note. Students enrolling in the master track AIES within the EE master program for HBO bachelors have only one mandatory homologation course: 5ESC0 Signals II. These students have 30 EC of elective courses.


HBO Bachelors complete an internship (worth 10 credits) as a preparation for the graduation project. The internship is a small research project under the supervision of one of the EE staff members and is carried out in an EE lab. The most important goal of the internship is to learn to handle a scientific and usually rather vague project assignment, which involves integrating knowledge from multiple areas of the field of electrical engineering. Additionally, the internship is an opportunity to practice reporting in English. For these reasons, the internship cannot take place in a company and must be done within the EE Department. Furthermore, the internship cannot be extended. More information about the internship can be found here.

Elective courses

HBO Bachelors choose 20 credits of elective courses. A student needs advice of his/her mentor for the electives. The same rules about choosing electives apply as for the regular Master's program of Electrical Engineering. HBO Bachelors are not allowed to use an elective to extend their internship. More information about elective courses can be found here.

Registering for master courses in Q4

If you finish the pre-Master’s program in Q3 and you want to continue with the Master’s program for HBO Bachelors in Q4, you can register for Q4 master courses, provided you meet the requirements as stated in the Program and examinations regulations. Even if you cannot finish the pre-Master’s program in Q3 because of missing courses (either from Q2 or Q3 with re-sits in Q3 and Q4), you still can register for Q4 master courses provided you meet these requirements. Note that in the latter case, even though it is allowed to follow master courses, you still have to finish the pre-Master’s program, so the focus should be on passing the pre-Master courses. If you meet the requirements and want to register for Q4 master courses, send a request to the Examination Committee EE for permission and if allowed, register in time for these master courses. Check the online education guide for more information about the registration deadlines.

Curriculum 2024/2025

TU/e is currently implementing Bachelor College 2.0, meaning that our bachelor’s programs are undergoing a redesign. Since the pre-master’s programs consist of bachelor’s courses, the curricula of the pre-master’s programs are subject to change. Therefore, please take into account that the information about the pre-master’s programs that is currently available is not representative of the curricula that will be offered as of academic year 2024/2025. Information about the new curricula will be published as soon as this is available.

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