All master students of Electrical Engineering have a mentor no later than three months after the degree program has commenced. The mentor is a lecturer who belongs to the scientific staff. The mentor guides the student from the start of his/her Master's degree program until the student begins with the internship and graduation project. The mentor supervising the student belongs to the research (capacity) group of the specialization direction chosen by the student. The Examination Committee EE is responsible for the course package; the graduation committee bears the final responsibility for the graduation assessment. 

Before you make an appointment with your mentor, you must: 

With your mentor you must: 

  • Discuss your Personal Development Plan (PDP) on how to (further) develop your professional skills;
  • Discuss your study program including your choice of specialization electives and free electives;
  • If you have not included a minimum of 15 credits worth of international experience in your program of examinations, discuss this with your mentor. 

You have to make an appointment with your mentor to discuss the abovementioned items. The appointment must take place two weeks before the registration deadline of Q2. 

The table below shows the mentors for each research group. 

Group Mentor


Siep Weiland / Paul van den Hof / Tijs Donkers / Mircea Lazar
ECO Oded Raz


Nikos Paterakis


Bas de Hon


Nailia Nasibulina

ES Marc Geilen
IC Eugenio Cantatore
PHI Erwin Bente


Sveta Zinger / Alex Alvarado

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