Dual Degree

The Department of Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences accepts proposals for a dual degree in line with the regulations of the Graduate School (see direct links at the right hand side).

To be eligible for an internal double degree, a student must have at least 45 credits from the successful completion of study components in addition to the regular study load of a program, in order to fulfill the final requirements of both programs. Students who obtain 75 credits more than the regular study load are not eligible for dual-certification, but become eligible for two Master’s diplomas. To obtain two Master’s diplomas in the context of internal bi-certification, students must therefore achieve an extra study load of at least 165 credits and no more than 195 credits.

If the student conducts one graduation project, the core elements of both programs must be clearly recognizable within it. This will be assessed by the relevant Examination Committees.


It is highly recommended that students contact their study advisor first, both for advise regarding admission to each of the master programs and regarding the high study load of a dual degree.

  • Students need to be admitted to both master programs (direct admission or via admission board)
  • Students need approval of both program chairs of their combined study program
  • Students need approval of both exam committees

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