The specialization electives (25 EC) are separated into two categories:

  1. Choose at least 2 courses of B1 (10 EC)
  2. Choose at least 3 courses from B1 or B2 (15 EC)
B1 Choose >= 2 from below  
Course code Course Name
0HM130 Advanced Cognition
0HM140 Advanced Perception
0HM150 Advanced Cognitive Engineering
0HM160 Advanced Social Psychology and Consumer Behavior


B2 Choose >= 3 from B1 or B2  
Course code Course name
0HM200 Psychology of Light and Time                                               
0HM220 Network Society
0HM240 The Quantified Self in Health
0HM250 Online Behavior
0HM260 Environmental Psychology
0HM270 Super Crunchers
0HM280 Human Robot Interaction
0HM340 Human-AI interaction