Graduation deadlines

If you have completed all your courses for the final examination in question (Bachelor’s or Master’s), you must register for a final examination after which a check is done to see whether you meet all the requirements for a diploma.

Procedures and terms

When you have a request, you can send in a written request with a solid argumentation 5 working days before the last working day of the month, before 11:00 hours. A request only can be send in by filling in the form on this website.

Registering for a final examination (Bachelor’s or Master’s) can be done through OSIRIS up until the closing date. In Osiris you can easily subscribe yourself for the upcoming examination session. You can do this by clicking on Progress and then Qualification request.

Examination dates

The bachelor diploma award session is once per year and is part of MomenTUm. The master diploma award session are twice a year. The data can be found for HTI on Graduation and Examination dates ( and for IS on Graduation and Examination dates (