An Internship of 15 credits can be included in the Elective Program of each student. The goal of an Internship is that the student gains experience in the future work field. An internship can be carried out in academia or in industry. Please contact your mentor at an early stage to discuss the options and to find a TU/e supervisor.

The internship must be approved by the Examination Committee. Please submit the application at least 4 weeks before the start of the Internship. A set of rules and regulations applies to doing an internship. You will find these below.

Rules and Regulations

  • An internship can be both a traineeship or a research internship, but it is not allowed to do an internship internally at the TU/e. The study load is 15 credits, corresponding to ca 420 hours of study (~11 fulltime weeks). You can spend more hours on your internship, but you will always be granted 15 credits.
  • The Internship should fit in the study program and it should contribute to the learning outcomes of the Master’s degree program
  • An internship must be supervised by a scientific staff member from one of the mathematics research groups 
  • Approval for an internship is asked in advance via both
    • the 'Internship plan'  form. (see “forms” tab)
    • a request stating what is to be accomplished in the internship and why it contributes to your study program (turned in with the Internship plan form)
  • and must be approved by the exam committee

  • You are allowed to carry out both an internship and your graduation project in the same company/university. However, the internship and graduation project must be clearly distinct from each other and are graded separately. You can discuss the details of this with your supervisor.


If you would like to do an internship you are advised to contact your Academic Advisior!

(More detailed information on rules and regulations of doing an internship can be found in the rules and regulations of the Examination Committee here.)