Structure of the 2-year master program Industrial and Applied Mathematics

The Master’s program lasts two years and is completed with a Graduation project of 30 credits. Each year is worth 60 credits, with each credit equivalent to 28 hours of study. 

The degree program comprises mandatory study components, core electives, special electives, and free electives. Both mandatory study components (2MMR10 Professional Portfolio and 2MMR30 Final Project) are part of a program of examinations, as well as at least four core courses. A program of examinations contains at least 120 study credits, with at least 55 credits worth of core electives and special electives.

You can consult the APPENDICES of the Program and Examination Regulations  for more information about the Content of the degree program/ list of courses.

Please note that the Program and Examination regulations applies to all cohort years. Nevertheless, please pay attention to the special explanations about your cohort year in this document.

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