Pre-master Innovation Management

With a degree in applied science (HBO in Dutch) it is not possible to enroll directly into a master’s program within the university. Within the TU/e, it is necessary to first pass a number of courses in order to be admitted to the master’s program: the so-called pre-master program.

As an engineer in applied sciences, you can enter the master’s program IM after successfully finishing the pre-master program IM. The standard pre-master program consists of 30 ECTS. The exact content of your pre-master's program depends on (the technical content of) your prior education.

For admission, you must submit an official request to the Departmental Admissions Committee (IE&IS-DAC). For further information you can consult the information pre-master program MSc IE&IS page.

Additionally, you must meet the requirments for Mathematics and English.

When you successfully finished the pre-master program, you will receive a proof of admission for the IM-master program.