Enrolling courses and examinations Bachelor College

As a student, you have to register for a course in order to take courses and to take midterms and final exams. This can be done in Osiris. Be sure to register at least 20 working days prior to the start of a new quartile. 

As a first-year-student or a transition-year-student, you’re automatically registered for the courses and tests of the first quartile. You’ll have to register yourself for the remaining quartiles. 

How do you register yourself for a course?

  • Check whether you meet the entrance requirements of the course. These are mentioned in the course catalogue under ‘entrance requirements’. These include for example required prerequisites or overlapping courses.
  • Register OSIRIS → Enroll → Course or Test.
  • After registering for a course you will receive a confirmation via e-mail. In case you do not receive this confirmation, contact the ESA Helpdesk the same day in order to solve the issue and to prevent paying administration costs.
  • If you have registered yourself for a course, you're automatically registered for the midterms and the exam as well.
  • If your enrollment at the TU/e is not yet completed, then you can only register for the course. Once the enrollment is finalized, you will have to register for the midterms and the exam. Keep the deadlines for registration in mind.

How to deregister for an exam?

Are you not going to take an exam? Then please deregister from this exam in time. Up to 5 working days before the exam period, you can withdraw your registration in Osiris. If you do this too late or not at all, the exam will be considered as not passed. By deregistering in time, you help us reduce the amount of paper usage and we don't have to use resources that aren't actually needed, such as too large exam rooms. This is how we work together to create a more sustainable academic environment.

What to do if you want to take part in the re-sit?

  • Would you like to take a re-sit exam? Then you have to register yourself. Pay close attention to the registration deadlines.
  • If you did not register for the re-sit, the exam will not be graded and the exam will be considered as not passed (even if you did partake in the exam).

Helpful tips

A few things are really helpful to be aware of: 

  • If you’re not very familiar with Osiris yet, check out this page about the working of this system
  • Would you like to register for a course that is not included in your exam program? Check out the Approval Examination program page to see what you have to take in consideration 
  • You can register for a maximum of 20 ECTS per quartile. If you want to take more courses, than the Examination Committee has to approve this. 
  • Are you taking a course that hasn’t been approved for your examination program? We call this an extracurricular course. The ECTS don’t count for your diploma 
  • You can take four exam opportunities per course (2 consecutive academic years). It’s not possible to register for this specific course again if you haven’t passed the fourth exam opportunity. If so, contact your academic advisor. 
  • Keep in mind the registration deadlines for courses and re-sits. Are you too late with registering, but is there no specific reason why you couldn’t participate (for example, because the course is full)? You can still register, but you’ll have to pay administrative costs
  • If you have any specific questions about a course that you’d like to take, contact your academic advisor or the teacher. 

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