Osiris Student

Osiris student is the student information system at TU/e. It is where you maintain a record of your student administration. You can arrange all of the following in Osiris Student: 

  • register for courses and exams 
  • check your grades 
  • keep track of your study progress 
  • look up course information 
  • pick up your proof of enrollment 
  • update your contact details if necessary 
  • request your degree certificate from the Examination Committee 

Pilot Osiris Zaak

Would you like to submit a request to the examination committee? As of June 5, 2023, for the programs Applied Physics, Artificial Intelligence and Engineering Systems and Science and Technology of Nuclear Fusion, this can be done through Osiris Zaak. In Osiris Zaak you will find all your requests in one overview and you can easily follow the progress of your request.  
You can find Osiris Zaak in Osiris Student. If you are unable to submit a request via Osiris Zaak, please contact the Center for Student Administration of your program.  

The screencast below explains the most important functionalities in Osiris Student. 

0:07 Consulting grades 

0:27 Keeping track of your study progress 

0:53 Course enrolment 

1:42 Test enrolment 

2:31 Consulting course information 

2:51 Exporting proof of enrolment 

3:12 Update your personal details 

3:32 Consult FAQ 

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