The various types of enrollment possible at TU/e are outlined in the overview below. This information is intended for students already studying at TU/e and those who have studied at the university in the past. Different conditions and deadlines apply for each type of enrollment.

Not yet enrolled at TU/e, but want to apply for a degree program? Check the information about becoming a TU/e student on our website.


If you are doing a bachelor's or master's degree program at TU/e this academic year and would like to continue with the same program next year, you need to re-enroll.

Internal progress to master’s program

If you are currently doing a bachelor's degree program or pre-master's program at TU/e, once you have completed the program, you can do a master's degree program. You can either progress to the master's degree program during the academic year, or at the start of the next academic year.

Switching studies

If, during the current or the next academic year, you want to study a different bachelor's degree program at TU/e than the one you are currently enrolled in, you are switching studies. You must then submit a new request for enrollment. You must also do this if, during the current or the next academic year, you wish to follow a master's degree program other than the one for which you are currently enrolled.


If you are currently not enrolled at TU/e, but were previously enrolled (for example, in a previous academic year or in part of the current academic year), you can submit a request for enrollment (re-entry) for the same or a different TU/e degree program.

Special types of enrollment

In addition to enrollment for a bachelor's degree program, pre-master's program or master's degree program, other types of enrollment are also possible:

  • an enrollment for an elective course
  • an enrollment as a EngD trainee
  • an enrollment as a PhD candidate
  • a certification program enrollment for TU/e students
  • a certification program enrollment for non-TU/e students
  • a contract student enrollment

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