Approval of exam program

Approval of exam program

Before you can receive your diploma, the Examination Committee EE must assess your exam program for coherence, depth, and overlap. To this end, you must use the PlanApp to submit your exam program for assessment once you have compiled your complete exam program and earned 90 credits. If you are not sure whether your exam program will meet the requirements, you may always contact your academic advisor to discuss your electives.  

After it has been approved by the Examination Committee EE, your exam program will be “frozen” in OSIRIS. You will still be able to change the planning of your courses, but you will no longer be able to change the composition of the exam program. If you decide to reconsider the choices you have previously made, you must re-submit your exam program via the Plan App (via Options - Re-submit). Please note, students who have already submitted a diploma request can no longer change their electives themselves via the PlanApp. These students need to contact the Examination Committee EE via their online portal

IMPORTANT: The approval or disapproval of your exam program occurs separately from registering for and taking courses. 

Please note:

  • Each EE student must complete at least two coherent elective packages of at least 25 credits in total.
  • When you choose at least 25 credits in 2 coherent elective packages you don’t have to substantiate your choice. The Examination Committee EE cannot withhold approval of the exam program if it meets the requirements set out in OER article 3.4, paragraph 8.
  • Each EE student must complete at least one USE trajectory.
  • The degree program must include at least 45 credits worth of level 3 study components.
  • The elective parts of the degree program (including USE study components) must include at least 30 credits worth of level 2 or 3 study components.
  • Each EE student must choose at least two DBL projects during the Bachelor’s program with at least one project of course level 2 or 3. These DBL projects can also be projects offered by other departments. 
    • Due to COVID-19, students from generation 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 only have to complete one DBL project during the Bachelor’s program, regardless the level of the DBL. This DBL project can also be a project offered by another department.
  • Some courses overlap with courses of your own major, which means you are not allowed to choose them. Check the overview of the excluded courses for the major EE to find out more.