Please first read the general information on the B31 semester (including registration and the Formal Approval Form) here.

In your third year you can choose to go on an exchange, in which you follow courses at a university abroad. The following requirements are necessary for an exchange:  

  • 60 ECTS of the 1st year by nomination
  • 90 ECTS total by definitive confirmation

You also need to arrange formal approval from your teacher coach and register in Osiris before starting your exchange.

We collaborate with many industrial design and industrial design related programs around the world. Each program has a specific focus and expertise within the broader context of industrial design. Consequently, an exchange provides the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills related to the areas of expertise that might not be offered by our educational program. 

Exchange programs are an excellent opportunity to gain experience in operating in an international context, which is often expected by future employers. If we have a bilateral agreement with the host university, students are not required to pay tuition fees when they participate in their program. For more information on our partner universities, go to the International relations section.

For specific projects with partner universities, contact needs to be initiated through individual coaches.

For more information about the preparation and application procedure and assessment within the department visit the Application and Assessment section.

In case you have questions that are not answered on the Online Education guide, you can contact the Exchange coordinator. See Contact page for contact information.