Study program

Choosing courses

To prevent study delay or an extra workload during your final bachelor project, there are several aspects to take into account when choosing your courses.

Choose at least 700 hours study load (this equals 25 ECTS). (Generations before 2015-2016 need to pass all courses worth 30 ECTS – 840 hours of study load). This way you will avoid having to do extra electives during your final bachelor semester. Also check if you fulfill the prerequisites (or “prior knowledge”) when applying for courses. You may choose one first year course if you have no sufficient background in that specific field and have strong arguments for following the course. 

You may plan a language course during your exchange semester, but this does not add to the credits of the exchange and is considered as an extracurricular activity. 

Prepare for leaving

Before you start your exchange at a university abroad, you are obliged to complete the Formal Approval Form, you must contact the Exchange Coordinator, and to make sure you are correctly registered in OSIRIS and we are able to process the results after the semester.

If you have made all the necessary arrangements, you can prepare for leaving. 

Take into account:

  • Complete all steps in the section 'before Mobility' in Mobility Online
  • Use the checklist of the host university.
  • Consult the website of your destination’s government to find out about any specific policy or requirement.

Teacher coaching arrangements

Make agreements with your teacher coach how you will keep in touch during your semester abroad (e.g. via phone, e-mail or Skype). Discuss with him/her how your learning activities contribute to your development, vision and professional identity. This will help you prepare well for your final bachelor semester.