Curriculum start year 2022/2023 and before

Started in or before September 2022

In case you started in another academic year, please consult the Academic Advisor for planning your learning activities.

This image shows your curriculum for this academic year. You can find the different curricula for each generation of students on the Forms and Files page. For more information on the different types of courses, check out the information pages on them specifically: Basic coursesMajor courseselectives and the External Learning ActivityUSE Learning Trajectory, the projects and the Final Bachelor Project

For first year students: keep in mind the Binding Study Recommendation (BSR). Without a positive BSR you cannot continue your study at TU/e Industrial Design. After having received a positive BSR at the end of your first year, you can continue your program. In case you did not pass one or more courses, you might need to change the planning of your curriculum. You can always contact your Academic advisor to discuss your situation. 


Each quartile or semester you need to register for all courses, electives and projects yourself. The only time when this is not your own responsibility is the first quartile in the first year when you start as a TU/e student and for CBL-Project 2 (DPB12). For the registration deadlines, check the Year Planning op Forms and Files page. Make sure to register well in time as some courses have a maximum capacity. In case a course is full you can ask CSA ID to be put on a waiting list in case a spot opens up.  

Projects, including the Final Bachelor Project have different registration deadlines and procedures. Check the project pages to find out more. The External Learning Activity in the third year also has different procedures, depending on the activity that you choose. Check these pages to find out more. CSA ID registers you for the Professional Identity and Vision learning line throughout the years. 

The TU/e uses an Administrative Costs Regulation for all courses in Bachelor College. If you do not enroll for (a) course(s) before the quarter before the regular registration deadline, you have the option to pay administrative costs. A fee of €20,- will be charged for each course enrolment after the deadline. 

Choices and Program Planning

You will need to make choices when defining your own curriculum. You need to choose your own USE Learning Trajectory, the themes or squads of your projects and your electives. You are guided in this choice process by your student mentor in your first year and by your Teacher Coach in your second and third year. During the learning line Professional Identity and Vision you will also work on developing your professional identity and vision, which play a huge part in your motivation for how you plan your study program. Your Personal Development Plan will also guide you in your program planning, as it helps give it direction. 

When planning your courses it is important to take into account that they are taught in specific timeslots. In the PlanApp you can also plan your courses and make sure their timeslots do not overlap. My TimeTable is also useful to assist you in your planning; you can find your own timetable there. 

Developing your Professional Identity and Vision will help you get to know yourself and helps you know the direction you would like to take in the future regarding follow-up programs and your future career. It will also help you position yourself in the market and distinguish yourself from colleagues. To get the most out of this process, it is important to carefully consider the courses you follow. Choose courses that match your interests, beliefs and that contribute to realizing the professional Industrial Design Engineer you would like to become. Connecting learning outcomes with your norms, values and beliefs will make it more sustainable. So, plan your program actively