There is the possibility to do your final bachelor project (FBP) in innovation Space (ISBEP). In ISBEP you can work on problems from companies, student teams and the university itself in a small group, approximately 3 to 6 students, from different majors on real world, open-ended challenges. The challenges can be found on this page.

Every semester there will be new challenges, so check these pages regularly. You can register your preferred challenges in Osiris, and you will be allocated to one of them when possible. The team allocation is made based on a good mix of students from different majors. You can't join every challenge, so check on the page if your major is listed in the short description.


The ISBEP teams work in Matrix, the home of innovation Space. This is an ideal place to work out concepts, have meetings and develop prototypes.

Assessment and coaching

During the ISBEP you will be coached by Innovation Space teachers and tutors and you will be assessed for the interdisciplinary learning goals (ISBEP05 - 5 ECTS).

Next to that, you also will be guided by a coach from ID (your Academic Coach) who will assess you on your FBP learning goals, the same as the regular FBP.


The course is scheduled in timeslot D (Wednesday afternoon and Friday Morning) for 2 quartiles: start Q1+2 and Q3+4.

Entry requirements

The entry requirements to start the ISBEP is the same as the regular FBP.

Registration and get your information

  1. Register in Eventbrite and visit the ISBEP Info event
  2. Follow also this procedure
  3. Register again in Eventbrite and visit the ISBEP Pitch event to hear more about the challenges and meet the challenge owner.
  4. Want to join ISBEP? Then register your Challenge preferences in Osiris for code ISBEP05

Dates and deadlines