Master Mechanical Engineering

Education Guide to the master's program of Mechanical Engineering

Welcome to the online Education Guide of the Mechanical Engineering master's program.

This Education Guide is meant for students primarily. It contains information on the structure and the organizational aspects of the program. You can use it as a guide throughout your entire master’s program. All aspects of the program will be explained in detail.

The information on these pages applies to the academic year of 2022-2023, unless stated otherwise.

Additionally, all students are added to the CANVAS page 4INFOMW. This is the communication channel for all students of the educational program Mechanical Engineering. Via announcements you receive important information, messages and updates about our education. To make sure you don't miss any announcements, it's important that you turn on the notifications for the announcements.

In the downloads you can find the program of the master kick off 'department day' on August 30 2022


Within the department of Mechanical Engineering a new procedure is implemented to allocate students to research groups, which directly affects students who would like to perform their thesis work in one of the research groups in the department of Mechanical Engineering. For more information, see 'Master Allocation Procedure'.

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