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Honors Academy offers a 2-year bachelor program for those students who are up for an extra challenge.


You start the Honors Bachelor Program at the beginning of your regular 2nd year and the duration is two years in total.

You follow the Honors Program within one of the offered Honors tracks addressing major societal and scientific questions and challenges.

Examples of these themes include:

  • "How do we get people to take responsibility for their own health and well-being?"
  • "Energy transition, a major challenge for our own environment"
  • "Which new opportunities arise when the merger of the internet, mobility and traffic grows stronger and stronger?"

You are in the lead

In the track of your choice you are challenged to take the lead in your own development and in the project you are doing. You get the chance to work together with students from other departments, to meet inspiring coaches, to explore the forefront of knowledge and to meet with people from industry. Dive into your own discipline or explore other disciplines, it’s all up to you!


During an entire academic year you will be working on a interesting project in a team or individual, on a topic that has a societal impact. Projects offered within the track try to solve real-world societal and scientific questions and challenges and allow you to unleash your talents to build innovative solutions. The tracks cover a wide range of interesting areas. 

Study load and assessments

The study load per week is approximately 10 hours a week. By the end of the academic year you will be assessed individually on your personal and professional development, including pointers for aspects you can improve. After succesful assessment you receive 15 credits per honors year, so at the end you have received 30 credits.


Every September a new program starts, for which application is needed. There are information- and track information sessions and you have to hand in your application letter and CV and have an interview. For more information about the application procedure and relevant dates, please check this page.

Honors Bachelor Program in steps

Below and in the download part of this page, you find an infographic with all steps in the Honors Bachelor Program.

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