High Tech Systems

High tech systems have a significant positive impact in changing and shaping our modern lives and societies. Recent advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) take this change to the next level of smart high tech systems. Everyone now talks about self-driving cars, autonomous drone delivery, assistive robots, and so on.

Would you like to contribute and take an active role in the development of these innovative future technologies, right here, right now, in the Brainport region? If so, this track offers you a unique opportunity to define your own ambitious high tech challenges to enhance your professional development in highly demanded cutting edge research fields.

Our track‚Äôs innovation theme is Towards a sustainable future using high-tech systems. We address this issue with the help of Robotics and Automation, and AI. In our track, you will find a lot of chances to learn and apply advanced scientific knowledge (e.g. machine learning, machine perception, motion planning and human-robot interaction) using state-of-the-art technologies (e.g. robot platforms, sensors, embedded systems) to real engineering challenges. In addition to developing hard skills, you will find many opportunities to develop and improve important soft skills such as giving audience-focused presentation, formulating research questions, reading and writing research paper, and effective communication.

In the first year, you will follow lectures (Q1 and Q2) and work on a given end-of-the-year project. For example, create an inspection and maintenance autonomous robot for our university campus! You will dedicate your second year to work on a challenge proposed by you.


First Year: Guest Lectures, Tutorials & Mini Projects

In the first year, you will learn about several topics in AI and Robotics and how to apply this knowledge to autonomous intelligent systems, with relevant use-cases from autonomous navigation and human-robot interaction.

There will be guest lectures and tutorials provided my senior students and industry professional that will get you up to speed on topics of AI and autonomous navigation. As a member of this track, the students are often in charge of organising such events. This gives you a direct connection with the industry-academia ecosystem of the Brainport region.

The end-of-the-year project will allow you to put all learned knowledge into practice with real robotic hardware. You will present your work frequently receiving constructive feedback from coaches and peers. By the end of the first year, you will be able to work on a robotics project independently. Your end-of-the-year project will be presented at public university events such as the Honors Academy Demo Day.

The challenges will provide you an opportunity to showcase your creativity, innovation mind and analytical skills. You will work in a team that will be organized following leading methodologies adopted by major companies like Philips and ASML (i.e. scrum).

Second Year: Your Own Innovative Challenge

By the start of the second year, you will have acquired the necessary knowledge on AI and Robotics applied to smart high-tech systems for developing your own concept. You can decide to either continue your first year project and add innovative aspects to it or start your new concept. The project is open, provided that it meets the following criteria:

  • It is innovative or contains innovative aspects;
  • It is feasible, both in terms of time and budget;
  • It involves smart high-tech systems

Examples of past projects

1. Control a mobile robot with your mind!

Team High is developing a system that will allow people to control a robot with their mind by extracting brainwaives through a brain-computer interface. The robot is partially autonomous to react to unexpected events such as the sudden appearance of obstacles.

2. Create an inspection and maintenance robot for Atlas!

Team ReLEASE is creating a mobile robot that will inspect Atlas to actively monitor the state of the building. Their results can later be applied to large facility like Schiphol airport.

More information

Want to know more? Contact Amritam Das, am.das@tue.nl.