When you start studying at TU/e, you need a notebook. You can buy one yourself, but you can also make use of the TU/e notebook regulations. 

Own notebook

If you use your own notebook, it needs to satisfy a few requirements

For bachelor’s students in particular

A notebook is very expensive. Therefore, the TU/e has a notebook regulation, with which freshman students can buy a laptop for a reduced price. Approximately 80% of the TU/e students makes use of this regulation. Do you want a TU/e notebook via this regulation, then you’ll state this in your application. You can download the application form on this page. You’ll receive an email for the payment of your own contribution, and you’ll get an invitation to pick up your notebook no later than a week before its dispatch. 

It’s partly paid by you, partly by the TU/e (usually)

The total package, including accessories, guarantees, services, and an insurance, costs €1.620,-. You’ll pay € 1000,- yourself, and for the remaining amount of €620, you’ll have to sign a debt waiver. If you study at TU/e for more than 3 years, or your graduate earlier, than the debt will become a gift. 

If you quit your studies, you might have to pay back a part of this amount. In some cases, you can sell back your notebook to TU/e, Keep also in mind that you return your notebook in time and that LIS services has to delete the software. If you forget this, it costs you €50 a month. 

Notebook 2023-2024 and the software

Specialists annually select a new notebook, which is delivered with all the installed software that is required. You’re also eligible for four years of maintenance, guarantees, and insurance. For the academic year of 2023-2024, the HP ZBook Power G9 has been chosen. The specifics of this laptop can be downloaded on this page. The general, graphic, and mechanical features are important aspects in the selection procedure. The specialists also look for the most favorable price. The notebook comes with an accessory package that includes s backpack, mouse, security cable, and network cable. 

The software can be categorized in four groups: 

  1. Operating system 
  2. General basis software (office suite, virus software and KANS software) 
  3. Departmental basis software 
  4. Study program software (study program specific) 

At the central support desk LIS Services/Student you can get support for the software. Their website offers a complete list of the available software. 


If you want an upgrade of the hard drive or RAM, then you can buy it yourself and have installed by LIS Services/Student. The LIS Services/Student staff can also give you advice or help you. 

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