The basic assumption is that students will receive a properly functioning notebook (exceptions aside) at their disposal for four years. Maintenance and insurance will support this.

Should you, however, handle the notebook improperly, maintenance and insurance agreements may expire.

Warranty and maintenance

In accordance with the notebook regulation, anyone who buys a notebook is entitled to four year’s maintenance and warranty.

If something goes wrong with the notebook, a distinction is made between software and hardware problems.

IMS Services Student will take care of the software. The costs involved will be paid by the TU/e.

Hardware maintenance will be contracted out to a repair centre.

If your problem is repaired under warranty, you, as a student, will face no costs as a result of this. If damage is repaired under insurance, a deductible amount may be involved. If damage is covered by neither warranty nor insurance, the student will bear all costs.

In order to keep maintenance costs at a minimum, the notebooks returned by students who terminate their course in the fourth year of the maintenance period, will be used for parts.

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