Printing, scanning and copying

You can print, scan or make copies in many places on campus. From any location you can: 

  • send print jobs from your laptop, tablet or smartphone to a printer at TU/e 
  • copy or scan documents from a printer at TU/e 

You do need printing credit for this.  

Printing from your notebook

If you have a TU/e notebook, the default printer driver is installed on it. This enables you to send print jobs to any TU/e printer (regardless of its location). If you are off campus, you can send a print job via If you have a VPN connection, you can print in the same way as you would at TU/e. 

If you don't have a TU/e notebook, you need to install a printer driver. To find out how this works, please visit the Selfservice Portal.  

Printing from tablet or smartphone

You can also send print jobs from your tablet or smartphone. First, install the Campus Print app. You can identify the app by a orange icon: With this app: 

  • you can send print jobs 
  • see how much printing credit you have 
  • add to your printing credit 
  • request a printing credit refund 
  • scan the QR code of a printer to log in 

Processing complex and non-standard print jobs

You can print, copy, bind and finish large quantities yourself at the Reproshop (MetaForum). To use the services Reproshop services, you must be registered as a student. So remember to bring your student ID card with you. You cannot use your printing credit to pay for Reproshop tasks. You should pay for these with your bank card. 

Collecting printouts, scans or copies

To collect your print jobs, scans or copies, log into the printer by placing your campus card on the card reader. The first time, you will receive a notification that your card is unknown. In that case, you need to log in with your TU/e username and password. Then click ‘Login’. Wait until you hear a beep. Now your campus card is linked to the printers. When you’re finished, remember to click ‘Log out’ or place your card back on the card reader until you hear a beep. 


  • Don’t forget to log out in order to prevent others from running your print jobs and reading the contents. 
  • You can add money to your printing credit through or in the Campus Print app. You can add money once or configure the settings to automatically add money when your printing credit is at a minimum level. 
  • A number of departments have special printers for large size plotting (A0) or for printing in nonstandard shapes (3D). These special printers are available only to students of the departments concerned. 

Want to know more?

Visit the Selfservice Portal if you have questions about printing, scanning or copying. 

Directly to