Reserving a room

As a student you can reserve a workspace in which to meet with others. Or you can reserve your own personal study space. It is also possible to reserve a classroom for larger groups. A space can be reserved in various ways, for example through Planon SelfService or Outlook. 

If you finish early or don’t need a reserved space after all, please sign out, so that someone else can use the space. 

Reserving a room

You can reserve a room in different ways: 

As a student, you can reserve a space via Outlook. The reservable spaces are included in both Outlook and Planon. You reserve a space by clicking on the 'location' button in a meeting request and opening the relevant meeting room. 

Reserving with the application Planon SelfService via your laptop
The Planon SelfService (PSS) is especially useful if you want to find and reserve a room with special facilities. By logging in with your TU/e username and user code, you can reserve a study/workspace or a meeting room.

Would you like to book a meeting room? Use Outlook or Facilitator > Icon Reservations & Events > Reservation space.

If you want a room for a non-educational activity and you are unable to reserve it yourself, please request this via: Facilitator > Icon Reservations & Events > Request – Room non-educational activity.

Claiming with the app on your smartphone 
As the moment of arrival at a free study/workspace or meeting room, you can claim it. You do this by scanning the QR code that is present at the study/workstation or meeting room with the Planon app on your smartphone or tablet. If you leave the study/workspace or meeting room earlier than planned, please sign out again by scanning the QR code.

You can find the app in the app store. Select the white and green Planon Live icon. 

Want to know more? Then check out Facility Management Center's intranet page.

Having problems?

Do you think something has gone wrong in Book My Space or is the Planon app not working properly? Contact Book My Space & Conferences at 040 - 247 2926.