On this page you can download the Program and Examination Regulations (known as PER and OER). It contains clear and sufficient information about the content of the program, the number, sequence and type of examination, the right of inspection and evaluation... It is the basic document of the program, so make sure to get familiar with it.

The Regulations of the Examination Commitee (see Download section) contain additional regulations and guidelines concerning exams, assessments, graduation and fraud.

Have a look at the website ECB for you and me (intranet) for more information about regulations that are often relevant for students. For example:

  • Application final exam (end of bachelor or master)
  • Second opinion
  • Quarantaine exams
  • Cum laude qualification

If you are looking for information on regulations and guidelines in addition to what can be found on the page ECB for you and me and in the OER, you can take a look at the general educationguide's regulations and guidelines page by clicking here. 

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