Information at your department

Every department has a contact person who is responsible for international internships and exchange programs.

Be aware that it’s beneficial to find out in time with which specific requisites you must comply with to go abroad. Your department’s internationalization coordinator could inform you about that.

Most exchanges take place during the final phase of your study, thus it’s recommended to discuss going abroad with your mentor, teacher, or professor that supervises you during the thesis stage.

Contact persons departments
DepartmentName e-mailTelephoneTU/e Address
Industrial Engineering & Innovation SciencesMs. Bea van de +31 40 247 2281ATL 3.329
 Mr. Elmar +31 40 247 2281ATL 3.329
Mechanical Engineering Ms. Monique van de 40 247 2448 GEM-Z 1.126  
Electrical EngineeringMs. Annemieke (Anna) van de 40 247 8524 FLX 0.125
Applied PhysicsMs. Annemieke (Anna) van de 40 247 8524 FLX 0.125
Built Environment  Ms. Henny Houben-Verhees 40 247 3471VRT 2.12
Chemical Engineering and ChemistryMs. Gerda 40 247 8339 STW 2.48
Mathematics and Computer ScienceMs. Miranda Kappé 40 247 6355MF 5.099
Biomedical EngineeringMs. Jacqueline 40 247 3396GEM-Z 1.105
Industrial DesignMs. Marieke van 40 247 3294ATL 3.129
ESA/International OfficeMs.drs. Anneroos. Dijkhuis  +31 40 247 4376MF 1.145
 Ms.drs. Petri van de +31 40 247 4312MF 1.145
Information of the Departments
DepartmentMasterprograms e-mail

Industrial Engineering &

Innovation Sciences

Operations Management & Logistics IE
 Innovation Management  
 Human-Technology Interaction IS
 Innovation Sciences  
Mechanical Engineering Automotive Technology MW
 Mechanical Engineering  
 Systems & Control  
 Sustainable Energy Technology  
Applied PhysicsApplied Physics AP
 Science and Technology of Nuclear Fusion  
Built Environment  Architecture, Building and Planning   B
 Construction Management & Engineering  
Chemical Engineering and ChemistryMaster Chemical Engineering CEC
 Bachelor Scheikundige Technologie  
Electrical EngineeringElectrical Engineering EE
Mathematics and Computer ScienceBusiness Information Systems  MCS
 Computer Science and Engineering  
 Embedded Systems  
 Industrial and Applied Mathematics  
Biomedical EngineeringBiomedical Engineering BME
 Medical Engineering  
Industrial DesignMaster Industrial Design ID
 Bachelor Industrial Design