Graduation project

The Graduation project AI&ES is an individual research project worth 45 ECTS on a topic related to artificial intelligence in the context of engineering systems. The graduation project can be carried out within all TU/e departments connected to the AI&ES master, within a company or another university or research institute in the Netherlands or abroad.

You may start the graduation project when you have passed at least 60 ECTS, including the AI&ES team project. This is checked by the CSA EE. If applicable, you make a proposal with your supervisor on the planning of non-completed courses at the start of the graduation project.

You must enrol yourself for the graduation project in Osiris (use course code 5ARG45) and register via the online Registration form Graduation project AI&ES. For non-EU/EEA-students doing an external graduation project in the Netherlands, an additional graduation agreement (the NUFFIC Training Agreement) is mandatory. All the forms that you would need to submit during your Graduation project (e.g. ,TU/e Code of Scientific Conduct for the master thesis, Research plan Graduation project AI&ES can be found in the Forms section.

You can find all the information about the graduation project in the Study guide Graduation project AI&ES in the Downloads section below. We advise you to read through this entire study guide before you start your graduation project. It will offer you clear guidelines on the process and your responsibilities. 

Thesis Supervision:

In the Downloads section of the Tracks page you can find an overview of the departments and research groups that participate in the AI&ES master. For a complete list of the thesis supervisors that offer graduation projects for the AI&ES students, please visit the AI&ES Master Market Place (MMP). 

Staff members (assistant, associate or full professors) of the research groups included in the overview can supervise graduation projects of any AI&ES student, regardless of the track the student follows. Example: a student who is enrolled in Track 2 Mobility, can be supervised by a thesis supervisor that belongs to 3D Concrete Printing research group of the Built Environment Department. 

Timeline Graduation project AI&ES