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Students who consider becoming a teacher can combine the IAM program with the master Science Education and Communication offered by the Eindhoven School of Education (ESoE). In this way, they receive the MSc in Mathematics and are qualified as teacher for all classes of secondary schools and vocational schools.

A double degree program IAM-SEC contains at least 150 ects. Two obvious categories of students may be distinguished:

Completed Bachelor Degree

A. Students who completed the Bachelor College educational elective packages in their Bachelor’s program (30 ECTS, in the field of mathematics)

The following leads to an IAM master and SEC master:

- 120 ECTS: the IAM program according to IAM's regulations. If not taken earlier at a sufficient level, the program should contain courses on geometry (either the course designed for teachers offered by MasterMath, or 2WT11: Meetkunde), the history of mathematics (e.g., the course offered by MasterMath), and number theory (e.g., a Research Topic combining number theory and history of mathematics).

- 30 ECTS: educational packages P3 and P4 offered by ESoE.

Not Completed Bachelor Degree

B. Students who did not complete the educational elective packages (30 ECTS) in their Bachelor’s program.

The following table provides the requirements for an IAM master and SEC master:

151-152 ECTS

Double degree (`bidiplomering') IAM (SEC as of 2015-2016)











Core program: 2MMR10 Professional Portfolio + 3 out of 5 IAM basic courses

Special electives (IAM)

Geometry (Mastermath) or 2WT11 Meetkunde (6 ects)

History of Mathematics (Mastermath, 6ECTS) or Research Topic (Number Theory/History of Mathematics, 5ECTS), depending on background

Final project IAM

P1: Educational package from SEC master offered by ESoE

P2: Educational package from SEC master offered by ESoE

P3: Educational package from SEC master offered by ESoE

P4: Educational package from SEC master offered by ESoE

An example of a combined IAM-SEC program including the packages P3 and P4 is (for more information about the courses, visit OSIRIS course catalog).




2MMR10 Professional Portfolio

2MMN10 Scientific computing

2MMS10 Probability and Stochastics 1

Meetkunde (MM)


2MMR10 Professional Portfolio

2MMS30 Probability and stochastics 2

2MMS20 Statistics for big data

Meetkunde (MM)


EME31 Betadidactisch ontwerpen: workshops (2,5 ECTS; part of P3)

EME32 Betadidactisch ontwerpen: project (5 ECTS; part of P3)

EMW30 Vakdidactiek wiskunde 2 (5 ECTS; part of P3)

EME34 Werkplekleren (2,5 ECTS; part of P3)


EME35 School practical (5ECTS; part of P4)

2MMD40 Integer programming

2MMS50 Stochastic decision theory


EME40 Practical educational research - workshops (2,5 ECTS; part of P4)

EME41 Practical educational research - project (7,5 ECTS; part of P4)

2MMD10 Optimization




Final project

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