Identifying business viable solutions

This second step ensures that a technically feasible solution produces value in the market and is, therefore, business viable. A mediocre technical solution with a good business component has more chances to survive in the market rather than the opposite. 

Bachelor - Introductory courses

DAB150 Introduction to business design – 5 ECTS – Q4

In this course you will learn the basic components that are of importance to make business of your design ideas. You will gain insight and experience in the four fields that are relevant in the business & entrepreneurship area of expertise. These are User and Market, Design, Technology and Intellectual Property, Design and Branding, Finance and Organization.


1ZM150 Innovation Space Project: innovation and entrepreneurship processes – 10 ECTS – Q1,2,3,4 

This course aims toward challenge-based, project-based learning in interdisciplinary student teams, working on open-ended assignments in close interaction with high-tech companies and societal organizations. It combines the design and engineering of a product/service/system and new business development. 

1ZM20 Technology entrepreneurship – 5 ECTS – Q2 

The aim of this course is to develop awareness, understanding and application of flexible and adaptive decision-making approaches along with more familiar prediction and planning-based methods for decision making in the face of uncertainty in new business development based on new technology. 

1ZMETU10 EuroTeQ collider: entrepreneurship & innovation – 5 ECTS – Q4

The collider is the signature challenge-based learning activity of the EuroTeQ project. The first edition will be centered around the theme: “Leave no waste behind”. Within this theme you will work in interdisciplinary – international teams consisting of students from multiple institutes and in collaboration with lifelong learners.

6EMAC7 ICMS Industrial challenge – 5 ECTS – Q4

New science is inspired by grand societal and industrial challenges. The ICMS Challenge will connect creative minds in science and industry, bringing a new scientific perspective to industrial problems. On completion of the course, the student has developed an innovative solution for a technical challenge proposed by industry, which is scientifically sound commercially viable. 


PDSHA101 Design challenge – 1.5 ECTS

This course is organized in collaboration with Eindhoven Engine. Out of several real life cases from companies, institutes or a medical center you select a case and form a team to find a solution. This will result in a presentation of a feasible concept with a proposal for execution. Your team will work out a full system solution, for instance using A3 formats, which will be presented to the company at the end of the week.