Prototype and MVP

Prototype and minimum viable product (MVP) refer to a version of a product with just enough features to be usable by early customers who can then provide feedback for future product development. It is not perfect or finished but is perfect for assessing its functionality with minimal costs. 

Bachelor - Advanced courses

1ZAUA0 Innovating by design – 5 ECTS – Q3

Smart Environment track in the TU/e health theme.

In this course related to the Smart Environment track in the TU/e health theme, students are asked to: Investigate the innovation opportunities for building good neighborhoods using a customer centric method (cultural probe); Identify design opportunities and come up with a number of radical concepts that can dynamically engage citizens in creating self-empowered and sustainable communities; Evaluate the comparative strength of these concepts and innovation opportunities using conjoint analysis.

DAB200 Design innovation methods – 5 ECTS – Q3

In this course, we apply design thinking as a framework to introduce specific innovation methods. This methods are widely adopted in the domain of business design, service and strategy design. In this course we want to refresh your skills and methods learned in the past years and expect you to integrate them with the new methods taught in this course. With your peers, we expect you to team up as a design consultant who could understand the company from reading the case study and propose a new product or business concept for them. 


1ZM150 Innovation Space Project: innovation and entrepreneurship processes – 10 ECTS – Q1,2,3,4 

This course aims toward challenge-based, project-based learning in interdisciplinary student teams, working on open-ended assignments in close interaction with high-tech companies and societal organizations. It combines the design and engineering of a product/service/system and new business development. 

1ZMETU10 EuroTeQ collider: entrepreneurship & innovation – 5 ECTS – Q4

The collider is the signature challenge-based learning activity of the EuroTeQ project. The first edition will be centered around the theme: “Leave no waste behind”. Within this theme you will work in interdisciplinary – international teams consisting of students from multiple institutes and in collaboration with lifelong learners.

4TU MOOC Entrepreneurship for engineers

Are you an entrepreneur, or do you have a passion for building your own technology startup? This course will help and encourage you to start a successful technology-based venture. If you always wanted to become an entrepreneur, or if you are simply interested in putting a new technology to innovative use, this course is for you. This course helps you understand the process of entrepreneurship from a technology-oriented background. The course is made up of modules that are presented by experts in the field of entrepreneurship and technology.

1ZM55 Service innovation management – 5 ECTS – Q3

The primary objective of this course is to help prepare you to function as an effective manager in the service economy. This course will make you more aware of the nature and characteristics of services and service innovation, more knowledgeable about the way services need to be managed due to their intangible core, and more conscious of service quality, the foundation of successful services management.


PDSHA120 Innovation Space Bootcamp: Developing an entrepreneurial mindset to deal with uncertainty in innovation processes – 1.5 ECTS

Are you interested in challenging your skills in a crash course that really pushes you out of your comfort zone and gives you the opportunity to develop an entrepreneurial mindset? Are you curious what you can achieve in one week while working on real world (societal) challenge? Would you like to experience creative thinking under pressure in a team of people with different backgrounds?
If your answer is three times yes, then this is a course for you!
You will learn how to work on a complex and innovative societal challenge in collaboration with an interdisciplinary group of trainees and companies in the inspiring environment of TU/e innovation Space. The challenges you will work on are offered by challenge owners from a partner organization together with TU/e innovation Space.
In one intensive week, you further develop your skills in an interactive way, get to know how to validate your idea and how to start working on a real problem. During the project, you will interact with the relevant industrial and institutional stakeholders. Interaction with business and societal organizations as well as involvement of real users, constitute an important element of the course.

5PDDEES045 Team assignment (DEES) – 8 ECTS

Students will design and implement a prototype system in multi-disciplinary team for a real industrial customer. The team manages the project, following an industrial systems design process. The industrial customer and the responsible lecturer supervise the project, with guidance on personal and group development as part of the professional development program.