How to create value and knowledge

The goal of wide entrepreneurship is to create value, which can be financial, environmental, or social. In the current society of knowledge, establishing a network capable of creating and distributing knowledge offers a comparative advantage in transforming social challenges into value and positive impact for others.  

Bachelor - Deepening courses

0BTE00 Advancing light for human functioning: entrepreneurship in lighting – 5 ECTS – Q2

USE learning line The secret life of light

Students gain a basic insight in the complexity of entrepreneurship and value creation in the domain of innovations in lighting. They acquire knowledge in two of the following domains: business models for value creation in complex multi-stakeholder situations; measuring & understanding consumers' reactions; interaction of people with intelligent lighting systems. They become acquainted with methodologies for studying user experience and user interaction in technological contexts. Besides that they learn to integrate the knowledge and insights of yourself and team members to formulate a research question pertaining to human experience and interaction in a technological contexts and construct a fitting research methodology to address this question.

0SSUH0 Happiness, health and values – 5 ECTS – Q2

This course will continue to develop several of the themes introduced in the Explorative course such as 21st Century challenges to Quality of Life, specifically focusing on health and medically-related challenges. We will investigate the ways in which engineering and technological innovation can contribute to solving or exacerbating the problems associated with these challenges. Students will also learn to identify, analyze, and resolve value conflicts that arise at the intersection of medical technology and research and well-being or happiness. To do so they will be introduced to methods of value sensitive design as well as other methods for problem solving. Therefore, this course will require students to exercise more creative problem solving and a greater degree of critical reasoning when examining QoL technology and the value conflicts that arise in that context. In this way, this course prepares students for the Projects course.

Bachelor - Advanced courses

1ZAUA0 Innovating by design – 5 ECTS – Q3

Smart Environment track in the TU/e health theme.

In this course related to the Smart Environment track in the TU/e health theme, students are asked to: Investigate the innovation opportunities for building good neighborhoods using a customer centric method (cultural probe); Identify design opportunities and come up with a number of radical concepts that can dynamically engage citizens in creating self-empowered and sustainable communities; Evaluate the comparative strength of these concepts and innovation opportunities using conjoint analysis.


1ZM250 Innovation Space project: innovation through art & design – 10 ECTS – Q1 + Q2 or Q3 + Q4

This course will focus on the intersection between art & technology, and enables Challenge-Based Learning. Whatever the starting point, you will be challenged to go off the beaten track. Operating outside your comfort zone gives you the opportunity to reflect on your own technological/engineering/scientific knowledge and skills, and find new ways to revalue, develop and validate them. In combination with art methodologies you will broaden your perspective and increase your skills to develop innovative ideas.

1ZMETU10 EuroTeQ collider: entrepreneurship & innovation – 5 ECTS – Q4

The collider is the signature challenge-based learning activity of the EuroTeQ project. The first edition will be centered around the theme: “Leave no waste behind”. Within this theme you will work in interdisciplinary – international teams consisting of students from multiple institutes and in collaboration with lifelong learners.