Curriculum start year 2022/2023 and before

Please note: The curriculum of the Bachelor Mechanical Engineering will change from the academic year 2023-2024 with the implementation of the Bachelor College 2.0 (After Redesign, AR) . This means the current curriculum will be phased out starting next year.  

Curriculum 2022 - 2023

The curriculum for the Bachelor's program in Mechanical Engineering encompasses three academic years. The first year is called the propaedeutic phase. The size of an academic year is 60 credits. Each study point represents 28 study hours that are divided into contact hours and self-study hours.

The program of the first year consists of 12 courses in total. In addition to lectures with self-study and examinations, you also get Design Based Learning (DBL). During DBL, students work on a case in project groups. Just like the first year, the second year of the program consists of 12 courses. The third and final year of the program consists of 10 courses and is concluded with a Bachelor Final project.

The curriculum for academic year 2022-2023 is as follows

*) In the first academic year you can choose 2 courses yourself. For this there is a wide range of courses from different faculties. The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers in the first year the following subjects as elective:

Curriculum per generation

Every study generation of the Mechanical Engineering Bachelor's program (often) has its own Curriculum, these are the subjects that you have to pass for an undergraduate degree. A generation is the year in which the student started the study program.

Transitional arrangements

Regarding the changes in the curriculum, it is possible that certain courses are no longer lectured or offered differently. This can have consequences for your program. To make sure you can still follow a full Bachelor-program, transitional arrangements have been drawn up for certain courses.

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