There are several ways to contact us, which are listed below. If you contact us, always mention your name and student-number

More information on the organization of the department of Biomedical Engineering, the facilities and contacts can be found on the intranet of BME.

Academic Advisors

  • drs. C.B. (Claartje) Boskman

Gemini South 1.109

  • ir. M. (Marian) van Wershoven

Gemini South 1.110

To make an appointment with one of the academic advisors you can send an e-mail to or make an appointment on the following page: Studiebegeleiding (Bachelor)

Education Office

  • J.W.S. (José) Janssen
  • J. (Jadira) Wolff

Gemini South 1.06
T 040 247  5443

Examination Committee

  • J.W.S. (José) Janssen, secretary 

You can contact the secretary of the examination committee (untill one week before the meeting) to submit a request. You can do this by e-mail: or via this link: Verzoeken examencommissie (Bachelor).

International Office

  • J.G.C. (Jacqueline) Hartholt

Gemini South 1.105
Post office box 513
5600 MB Eindhoven
T 040 247 3396

Quality Assurance

C.J.M. (Conny) Senders-Wijnen

Gemini South 1.101

Study Information

  • K.A.D. (Kyrah) Wilmink MSc. 

Gemini South 1.102

Educational Coördinators

  • E.M.H. (Mariëlle) Bosboom
  • R.M.W. (Robin) Barten MSc. 

Gemini South 1.101

Program Director and Coordinator Graduate Program 'Life Sciences and Engineering'

  • dr. C. C. (René) van Donkelaar

Manager team ESA BME

  • dr. J.W.J. (Jeroen) van Kilsdonk

Secretariat/postal address

Gemini South 1.105
Post office box 513
5600 MB Eindhoven
T 040 247 3396

Directly to