The master program AI&ES is open to students with various BSc backgrounds.

The following Bachelor's degree certificates from the TU/e or any of the Dutch universities of technology (Delft University of Technology or University of Twente) provide direct access to the Master programs:

  • Applied Physics
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

For students with a different BSc program, there are specific additional requirements to resolve deficiencies, the form and weight of which depends on the learning outcomes and contents of the BSc program. Deficiencies with respect to the AI&ES admission criteria can potentially be resolved in an AI&ES pre-master program or through homologation.

Upon application, as part of the admissions procedure, it will be checked whether there are deficiencies and if so, what are these exactly. If the number of deficiencies is no more than 15 EC, the students are admitted to the master program AI&ES. The missing subjects will replace (some of) students' free elective courses through homologation.

Should the deficiencies exceed 15 EC, the students may need to complete a pre-master program AI&ES first, adapted to the existing deficiencies, as determined by the Departmental Admission Committee, before being allowed into the master program AI&ES.

More information

Want to know more? Please check the Program and Examination Regulation AI&ES (PER/OER) 2023-2024 document in the Downloads section here, or contact us via the contact form below.