Program Committee

The Program Committee (PC) AI&ES is an important body in which students and lecturers discuss the quality of the pre-master & master programs of AI&ES and the way in which these programs are organized. The PC AI&ES consists of an equal number of student members and staff members, and is assisted by several student and staff advisors.

The task of the PC AI&ES is to guard and enhance the quality of the educational pre-master & master programs of AI&ES.

In this context, the PC AI&ES issues solicited and unsolicited advice on the design of the curricula, quality assurance, student evaluations and policy making to the program directors, the departmental board, the departmental council, and the teaching staff.

Furthermore, the PC AI&ES has the right of consent and the right of advice regarding program specific sections of the PER (OER), the task to assess the implementation of these regulations annually, and the task to advice on these regulations.

Lastly, the PC AI&ES has the right of consent regarding the quality assurance plan of the EE department.

The PC AI&ES actively contributes to educational innovation and enhancement within and outside its own department. Four members have been appointed representatives to the TU/e Joint Program Committee.

PC AI&ES meetings take place once every month. Visit the website of the PC-AI&ES for more information.